Pioneering Multiple DegreeAIT encourages its students to pursue more than one certificate/diploma or degree program at a time. It is possible for students on a particular course to also in parallel register for an allied program and through hard work will be able to graduate with say two degrees in four or at most five years of study at AIT.

For example, it will be possible for a student doing a degree program in Computer Science to also pursue in parallel a degree in Computer Engineering. Giving another example, a student can simultaneously pursue a certificate/diploma or degree program in say Telecommunications Engineering and Electronic Engineering.

We also encourage our students to take relevant professional certification courses in their field while pursuing their degree program at AIT. For example, students studying for their Computer Science or IT degree will be encouraged to take professional certification examinations like: Computer+/A+, Network+/Networking+, CCNA/CCNP, Microsoft Certifications, Oracle Certification among others.

Our students are encouraged to use the vast leaning resources of AIT- Online to, if they so wished pursue independent studies that could lead to getting multiple degrees, diplomas or certificate from AIT.