Our Award Winning Learning Management System

All students at AIT gets free unlimited access to their lecture notes; lecture videos and audios for all courses they are registered on at AIT. These resources are provided via Lemass - our Learning Management System. Registered students also use LEMASS to:

(i) Access past examination papers on all courses.
(ii) Access and upload their course assignments.
(iii) Access their course assignment grades and their mid-semester and end-of-semester examination grades.
(iv) Interact with their lecturers and classmates through forums and messaging systems.
(v) Access our extensive e-library resources.

Students at AIT are not obliged to take notes in class since they have access to all their lecture notes and hand-outs at the beginning of the semester. No student at AIT purchases a single textbook during their entire studies at AIT; they have free access to all the e-books and other learning resources they need for the entire academic program.

Experience Our Award Winning Learning Management System