Delivery Modes

The AIT open/online Academic Program Delivery Modes

AIT's Open/Online Academic Programs are delivered via the following options:

* Internet/Web Delivery System, Platform and Resources

* AIT Campus/Learning Centers Intranet System

* Multimedia Platform Distribution of Learning Materials on CDs/DVDs/Pendrives

* Printed Learning Materials and Resources

Our Online Program Delivery Support Systems And Resources

The Open/Online Learning (O/OL) degree Programs are delivered using AIT's Learning Management and Administrative Support System (LeMASS) — an online academic program delivery and administrative system that incorporates:

A Learning Management System (LMS) — developed in-house by AIT and based on an Open Source Learning Management System platform — Moodle

An Electronic Library and Learning Resource System (EL-RSS) — developed in-house by AIT and based on an Open Source e-library platform — DSpace

A Student Online Registration System (SORS) — developed in-house by AIT and based on a Web system development platform;

A Student Administration and Management System (SAMS) — developed in-house by AIT

Learning Resource Systems (LRS) made up of: (a) The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)'s OpenCourseware Learning Resources (made available to AIT through an institutional cooperation agreement signed between MIT and AIT. - The Teaching and Learning Support Resources includes: syllabuses, e-books, lecture notes and student handouts, problem sheets, quizzes, tests, examination papers, and lessons covering the entire 1,800 courses and programs currently offered by MIT

AIT-Online- Your e-University System — An Online Learning Resource System developed in-house by AIT based on an Open Source electronic document archiving, management and library system — Greenstone

The Open University of Malaysia (OUM) Learning Management System — myLMS: — — In addition to the learning support resources of LeMASS designed to facilitate online academic program delivery, students registered on the programs of the Open University of Malaysia (OUM) — will also have access to the online resources of OUM's learning portal — Learning Management System (my LMS) designed to support the various activities of e-learning at the university. myLMS has multimedia capabilities which are fully integrated with a number of other applications and resources including an Online Electronic Library system. myLMS also serves as a comprehensive and flexible e-learning system that enables lecturers and students to interact in a virtual classroom environment and at the same time allows AIT to track and monitor learning and teaching development among lecturers/tutors and students.

Meeting International Quality Standards in O/OL Program Delivery

The syllabuses of our open/learning programs meet high international standards. The design of the learning/study materials for supporting teaching and learning on these programs do follow international standards. These learning/study materials exhibit the following features:

* Modularization of the contents of learning/study materials to ensure manageability of content. Each academic Program is sub-divided into courses; courses subdivided into modules; and modules subdivided into smaller manageable learning units
* Clearly stated objectives of the learning modules and units
* Contents are designed to be self-explanatory, self-contained, self-directed and self-learning and supports independent learning
* Learner-friendly writing format and learning interface
* Helpful examples to illustrate/demonstrate basic concepts
* Reference to the learner's experiences
* Use of illustrations and graphics where appropriate and necessary
* Use of audio and video clips and animations where suitable
* Headings and navigation tools to help students find their way around course/leaning materials
* Links to other online resources and reading materials where appropriate,
* Practice Tests and Quizzes to assess the level of student's understanding and comprehension of subject matters of the course
* Feedback from lecturers/instructors to help/assist students
* Suggestions about getting help from other sources

Extra effort has also been put into developing and deploying learning management and support systems to assist students and faculty to have teaching and learning experience that ensures parity in standards with our regular campus-based programs. Some of the Open/Online Learning support systems include: the Learning Management System of LeMASS, the extensive e-library resources, the student-to-faculty and student-to-student interaction and communications systems among others.

Adopted Open Learning Methodologies

AIT is committed to providing quality open/online learning environment for its students through the deployment and the use of a number of innovative teaching and learning methods. This is made possible by AIT subscribing to the internationally recognized blended learning pedagogy using multimode learning techniques.

Blended learning at AIT involves three (3) modes of learning:

* Self-managed Online Learning

Self-managed Learning enables students to learn on their own using the online resources of our learning management system (LeMASS) to interact with their lecturers/tutors and fellow students online. Students have access to high quality online study resources including:

* Online Course Guides/Modules (Via the Internet and/or Campus Intranets)
* Lecture Notes, E-Books, Lessons, Handouts, Simulators, Quizzes, Tests etc (Via the Internet and/or Campus Intranets)
* CDs containing multimedia study resources (for those without online access)

* Online Collaborative Learning Support

Facilities for collaborative online learning are provided using facilities and resources such as: electronic mail facilities (each registered student has an account on our e-mail system); electronic discussion forums and chat systems; the online facilities of AIT's Learning Management and Administrative Support System (LeMASS) and the online learning support resources of the Open University of Malaysia's Learning Management System (myLMS)

The facilities of LeMASS and myLMS are available for quick and easy online access to course/study information and multimedia learning materials. They also provide e-mail and other electronic based collaborative learning, teaching and social networking resources to facilitate and support student-to-student as well as student-tutor communications and dialog sessions.

3. Face-to-Face (On-Campus) Tutorial Session

Face-to-face tutorial sessions which take place at AIT campuses and Learning Centers are lecturer/tutor-led sessions with students where issues related to the course of study are discussed. The tutorial sessions also provide avenues for lecturers/tutors to discuss with students (face-to-face) the details of their study materials and address areas of difficulties being experienced by the students in understanding aspects of their study/learning materials.

These tutorial/seminars sessions are usually organized during weekends and are conducted by highly qualified and experienced faculty members and their teaching and graduate assistants. Students will be required to attend 10 hours of tutorial sessions per course per trimester (Note: Each Academic Year is made up of 3 Trimesters and each Trimester is about 15/16 weeks).

Personalized Learning

This methodology is adopted in situations where the number of students is too small for face-to-face tutorial sessions or when a student for various reasons, is unable to attend the face-to-face tutorial sessions. For example, this learning format is suitable when there are few students from one geographical area or location enrolled in a given course, thus making it difficult to assign them to a learning centre in their area. Personalized learning requires students to fully utilize the electronic educational platform provided via LeMASS and myLMS.